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I'm a somewhat well known spriter on Hatena. I dont post as much as I used to. I'm pretty easy to get along with,  so go ahead and talk to meh! I know Nintendo's days of being the superpower in the gaming world are over, but I still love em anyways! My favorite kinds of games are usually RPG/agveture games.

1. What was the first video game you have ever played?

Need for speed underground on the computer.


2. What was your first console?

Xbox 360


3. Have you ever visited a video game arcade?


4. What was your first handheld?

Nintendo DS lite

5. What was the first game you've beaten/cleared completely? (Got to the last level/got 100%/beat high score, etc.)

Probably New Nuper Mario Bros DS, but IDK for sure.

6. Games based off of real sports: Yay or Nay?

Games Like Madden NFL and Mario Super Sluggers = yay.


8. Do you play any Massively Multiplayer Online RPG games? (MMORPGs?)

Never. F*** that. Waste of life.

9. Do you play any virtual pet games? (Neopets, Teripets, Aftermathzone, etc.)

No. Due to my brother's former addiction to Webkinz, I have tried that. It sucked as I thought.

10. Puzzle games and Strategy games: Yay or Nay?

Very yay! If i said Nay, I'd be saying nay to The Legend of Zelda o.o

11. Do you play any RPGs?

Mario RPG's. Everyone loves me for that. I wish.

12. Do you play any Platformer games?

Pfft. Of course.

13. What was the first game/console/handheld of yours that stopped working?

I broke the L button on my DS lite right before trading it in to buy My DSi (right when the dsi came out too!)


14. Do you actually care if a game has a plot or do you just play games for the gameplay?

I appriciatea plot, but I play games for the Gameplay, not plot. Unless a plot makes the gameplay alot better, I dont really care THAT much.


15. Name a few video game characters that are your favorites.

Bowser, Luigi, Meta Knight, Link, Kind Dedede, Yoshi... and a lot more.

16. Name a few series that are your favorites

Mario, Sonic, Zelda, Kirby. I'm a n00b for Nintendo.

17. Has a video game ever made you cry?



18. Has a video game character annoyed you so much that you wanted him removed from the game?

Final smash is really annoying, but other than that, no.

19. Do you "pair" or "ship" characters up with one another? (make/create/write romance involving them)


20. Do you write video game fanfiction?

No, but I've considered it...


21. Do you draw video game fanart?

Nah. I'm too impatient to take the time to make a pic that i'm actually impressed/satified by.


22. Do you come up with theories on how a character came to be/what he or she would do in a situation/why he or she is moody/etc.

Always. What the heck is Bowser anyways?!


23. Are you a "fanboy" or "fangirl" of any character?

Not really.

Boss Battles/Villains

24. Hardest Boss Battle

Facing Barinade from OoT (when it was my 1st zelda game) for the first time.


25. Most Frustrating Boss Battle

Having to face Quenn shroob, then elder Queen shroob, then Bowser, all without being able to save in between Boss battles.


26. Most Rewarding Boss Battle

I don't know.


27. Funniest Boss Battle

Anything from Portal or Portal 2


28. Most Boring Boss Battle

Sgt. Waddle Dee.


29. Boss Battle that dragged out for a long, long time

hmm.. idk..

30. Boss Battle with the coolest music

Any boss from Partners in Time.

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Reply OmegaSword
7:52 AM on September 18, 2011 
Thanks :D you ever plan on getting sf643D?
Reply OmegaSword
11:07 PM on September 14, 2011 
Yep,got it the first day it came out,and it's awesome :D
Reply Shadow624
8:33 PM on September 13, 2011 
aww seriously?! :O what channel was it on?
Reply Shadow624
6:32 PM on September 13, 2011 
whats that? (Rerarding to your update)
Reply Mr.Video
8:33 PM on August 3, 2011 
No it is not alright, now get out of my house. =/ jk, actually I don't have a 3ds yet, probably not getting one for a while, I'll get one when more games I'm interested in buying comes out, Luigi's Mansion 2 and Kid Icarus Uprising for example :3
Reply OmegaSword
7:03 PM on August 3, 2011 
I already added you :P now you just need to add me back
Reply OmegaSword
1:31 AM on July 20, 2011 
Did you make up that long thingy there? Or did you get it from somewhere,you know,the thing,right above me.
Reply Master Plop
8:08 AM on July 18, 2011 
Oh yeah I just figured out that I can post replies
Reply AcidAce
3:56 AM on July 14, 2011 
just go into "Videos" then look for da button thats say's "Add Video's" :P
Reply Teh goose
8:28 AM on June 6, 2011 
I have got Terraria for free.
Reply Meatball
4:47 PM on June 2, 2011 
Epik sawze icon, mah friend!
Reply Mr.Video
6:37 PM on April 12, 2011 
ummmmm...IDK. I've been spriting for a while now so you just kinda naturally get better and faster at it I suppose...but I'm not very fast.
Reply Chaos 116
11:45 PM on March 29, 2011 
My friend code is 0087-2302-6275. :D
Reply Teh goose
8:32 PM on March 29, 2011 
Thank you!
Reply Teh goose
5:40 AM on March 29, 2011 
Friend Code: 2019-9654-4010
For 3DS. If you tell me yours, can Chaos116 know too?
Reply Mr.Video
7:58 PM on February 11, 2011 
Screen shot from smbz i presume?
Reply Mr.Video
2:47 PM on January 16, 2011 
Hey User srry but I won't be able to finish bowser for your pack...sorry...
Reply Mr.Sprite-_-
10:03 PM on January 9, 2011 
Can you make the special attacks user?

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