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Smash Fest 2014

Posted by Shadow624 on June 15, 2014 at 2:25 PM

So I was writing this in the forum for Smash Fest, but figured I'd turn it into a blog.

     My friends I and I were planning on going to this since it was announced and on the 14th we finally were able to. The closest Best Buy that was holding it from my area was about 2 hours away. Not really sure why as there was more populated area with a Best Buy less than an hour away, but hey whatever. I wanted to play some Smash. Anyway, we got there about a half an hour before it was supposed to start and it was already cycling people through which was good, it just meant we could play it sooner. Now the way the had it set up was they had the 3DS version playable for 4 people until the people on the Wii U version were done playing. By the way, there was only one TV set up. Not really sure why as it was Best Buy and they do sell both TV's and Wii U's, but again, whatever I guess.

     We waited for about an hour or so and finally got to the 3DS version. I picked Sonic for this because I wanted to see if they changed him in any way. Turns out they actually did to a degree. They made him have a little more recoil whenever he does certian attacks. For example, for Sonic's dive kick move (aerial down A) when he lands it takes him a longer time to recover. Not really "bad" I guess. Just something I noticed. Also, I think Roger Craig Smith is voicing this Sonic now. Not that that's a bad thing. On to controls, they're aboutt he same, but they switched L from shield to grab and R and still shield. Which isn't a problem, just thought I'd point it out. Something else I noticed was that it was noticeably laggy. Keep in mind that all the players were standing less than 2 feet away from each other. Hopefully that'll be fixed later on when it's released. It actually might be one of the reasons it got pushed back to begin with. We didn't really get the chance to finish our fight because the Wii U opened up before then.

     After that, we finally got moved to the Wii U. The roster inlcuded Mario, Bowser, Rosalina and Luma, DK, Samus, Zero Suit Samus, Link, Zelda, Villager, Pit, Kirby, Fox, Marth, Greninja, Pikachu, Olimar, Little Mac, Wii Fit Trainer, Megaman and Sonic. I chose Rosalina and Luma as I still can't beleive she's a character and I just wanted to try her out. We also had to use Wii U Pro Controllers. Which is fine but kinda "eh" as they handle a lot like the Classic Wii Controller in terms of how they're held. Like if you're used to the GameCube controller like I am, switching to the Pro controller is gonna take a little while.

     Anyway, we were thrown into Battlefield and I was up against MegaMan, Greninja, and Pikachu. First off I noticed it looked fantistic graphically. It was almost Mario Kart 8 in terms of graphics. The special effects were also a HUGE improvement over Brawls too and the inclusion of that "death" hit spark special effect added a nice visual twist to combat. So the battle was going on, I was kicking ass as Rosalina, not really getting her play-style very well but still winning regardless, when all of the a sudden the Smash Ball appeared. Obviously, this created a huge panic in everybody. I ended up  snagging it and noticed something interesting. When you grab a Smash Ball, the screen goes somewhat grayscale with a red overlay. Not really important, but it deffinitely caught my attention. So I used my Final Smash and for those of you that don't know, Rosalina's Final Smash summons a Grand Star from Mario Galaxy and shoots out a bunch of stars in varying directions. So that took care of everyone else on the screen and I ended up winning the round.

     So after that, my friends and I decided that we'd go through one more time as the first line wasn't bad at all. So we got back in line and waited and waited and waited and waited. We waited for maybe like an hour and half. We noticed that around the last corner of the line, everyone had gotten clustered together and it was impossible to tell who was in front of anybody. We come to the conclusion that we'd be waiting in line for a good 2 or 3 more hours before we got around to it again and just decided to bail as we had a 2 hour drive home to look forward to.

     All and all my friends and I had a great time and I do it again if Nintendo were to do something like it again. I do have my gripes with the event though as I think it could have been organized a little better. More Wii U's to play on specifically, but maybe they just couldn't do that, I'm not sure. We were lucky enough to get a demo this early anyway. So in conclusion, I'd say the 3DS one needs some work and the Wii U version is on its way to boosting Nintendo's Wii U sales even more so than Mario Kart 8 did.

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Reply OmegaSword
6:59 PM on June 15, 2014 
Two things I gotta wonder:
- Why wouldn't Craig Smith be voicing Sonic in Smash Bros?
- Why does it surprise you Rosalina's a character? :P
Other than that, I wish I could have made it to a Best Buy yesterday, I was really looking forward to being one of the first people in my country to play it just as I was one of the first to play 3D World last year, but oh well, won't be long before it's out.
Reply Shadow624
7:09 PM on June 15, 2014 
- I'm just stating the change.

- She isn't really that significant of a character in the Mario universe. She really only had an important role in Galaxy and she was really only a cameo in Galaxy 2 if you 100%ed it. I realize she's a fan favorite and all and she's starting to appear in A LOT of Mario games, but I just didn't think she was important enough to throw into Smash. Don't get me wrong, I love her as a character and will play as her quite a bit, I'd just kinda like to know the reasoning of her inclusion. I love that she was put in, I just can't believe it. :P
Reply OmegaSword
7:30 PM on June 15, 2014 
Well true I guess. I really like her. Her being in is no stranger than Palutena, especially because of all the love Rosalina's seen from Nintendo recently. :P
Reply CosmicTornado
1:10 AM on June 16, 2014 
I think she's only in (as well as Palutena, which I'm ecstatic for btw) because Smash has been in need of some female representation.
Also, I believe that the reason why they didn't have more than one Wii U smash going on at a time is because they only get a certain number of demo disks. I don't know why they don't just set up a digital one though. I think they might only work with a specific kind of Dev. Wii U as well.


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