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Long Time, No Update

Posted by Shadow624 on April 7, 2014 at 12:35 AM

     Hey, what's up everyone? It has been friggin' forever since I last made a post to here. So much has happened in the past, what? 4 months? Geez, it has been forever... Anyway, I have some information I'd like to share.

     First up is the release of the latest beta of the game I'm helping with. Dream vs. Dream. Yes, their latest beta has finally been released! My effects have been added in and look great in game. The game is still in early stages of development, so some bugs and other things may be noticable. Get it here:

And because I don't really care what happens to the effects. (This whole thing is just for practice) I'm just gonna give them away to the public. This pack contains all the effects in the most current version of the game and a bunch of other stuff that has yet to be added. You can use them for whatever you want, just give me credit.

I have also been asked to make some tutorials on how I make my effects. So you may see some floating around in the video section every once in a while. Although I'm no teacher, so yeah. :x

     Next, I'd like to proudly announce that my internet situation has FINALLY been resolved. Metrocast has been installed to my house and I honestly could not be happier. I played Brawl and Mario Kart Wii online in my own house for the first time, ever. With this new internet, the possibilities are friggin' endless. I've actually been meaning to share this with everybody for the longest time, but just could not get it uploaded. It's a realistic sound effects pack courtesy of Mistah-Jayden. The sounds are used in major animations ranging from Pac-Boys masterpieces, to DestructionSeries' EXTREME TAG.

Since I have good internet now, I'd like to post all my misc online things here.

Skype: Shadow.624

Wii U ID: Shadow624

3DS FC: 2707-1631-1863

XBoxLive GamerTag: Shad624

I'm not gonna bother posting my Wii FCs and whatnot as their servers are just going to be taken down next month. Oh, and all my other crap is in the "Links" section.

Well, that's all I have to say for now. Later. :P

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Reply Bowser!!!!
2:14 AM on April 7, 2014 
The link to the effects is broken...
Did you remove it or something or did it get taken off?
Reply Shadow624
2:38 AM on April 7, 2014 
Gaahhh they were fine a moment ago. I'll try to put them on mediafire tomorrow.
Reply Lighting_Rock85
4:59 AM on April 7, 2014 
I'd say it's actually pretty good! It's responsive and besides a few graphical bugs, (staying small yet shooting big projectiles) I find it to be decent. I've never played Yume Nikki but know of it's existence. I keep telling myself to play it since I enjoyed playing Ao Oni, Ib, and I think Mad Father(don't remember if I played it or not) Freaking Frollo show, Leet Fighters, and Lawl get me interested in these awesome horror RPGM games.
Reply Shadow624
12:02 PM on April 7, 2014 
Alright, the links should be fixed.

@Lighting You should definitely try Yume Nikki. I got into the horror RPGMaker games through Ib, but Yume Nikki and it's fan-games totally take it to a whole other level for me. Psychological Horror is the only Horror genre that really gets me anymore. And oh my god, does Yume Nikki and its fan-games deliver.
Reply OmegaSword
4:34 PM on April 7, 2014 
I'll add you on everything except Skype since I don't have that anymore :P my 3DS and Wii U stuff are in my profile
Reply Lighting_Rock85
10:33 PM on April 7, 2014 
I'll add you on the Nintendo consoles. I would for Xboxlive but I don't even touch that machine.
3DS FC is: 1478-2952-5548
WiiU ID: IceNinja258
Reply Shadow624
3:42 PM on April 8, 2014 
Alright I've added everyone that's told me their code.
Reply Rambobby
10:09 PM on April 13, 2014 
Everything looks good! I'll add your WiiU id later. I think mine is just Rambo3rd. I'll have to check. It's been like a month since I've last turned it on.
Reply CosmicTornado
10:15 PM on April 13, 2014 
My wii u ID is CosmicTornado and I believe we already exchanged 3ds FCs but whatever. I'll pst it as soon as I remember where my 3ds is.


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