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Review: Sonic Lost World ( WiiU)

Posted by OmegaSword on January 1, 2014 at 9:45 PM

Let's take a quick flashback to the early months of 2013. I was sitting in my room watching the latest Nintendo Direct when I suddenly saw the trailer for this game; a new Sonic game. A game I had been waiting for for almost 2 years. It looked fantastic, and it seemed as though Sonic Team had solidified future 3D Sonic games for the better from now on, and no longer would their games get low scores and poor reception, I mean, Sonic Generations was one of the most, if not the most well recieved modern Sonic game, not only that, it sold over 2 million units worldwide, so naturally I was hyped for this game. The months passed, with one or two new trailers being shown here and there, boosting my anticipation even more. Finally, once Christmas came, I got it and was pretty disappointed. I think this is the first time I've ever been disappointed by a game I had my hopes up for. But enough of that, let's get onto the review.

For this and all future reviews, I will be ranking the game on 5 key elements that go in the order that I think are most important to least important. Those elements are:

1. Gameplay

2. Story

3. Music

4. Graphics

5. Other

1. Gameplay:

Probably the least disappointing thing about this game was its gameplay and controls. First of all, Sonic controls very nice and quite smooth, even while spin dashing, and there are no other stupid characters you have to control, which makes this automatically better. Although you don't move at super sonic speeds like in past entries, the over all controls more than make up for it. If you move only the control stick, Sonic walks, but if you hold ZR, he runs. Why was this not in other Sonic games? It's so darn good it seems integral to the series. This game is also the first Sonic game I feel they did everything right with the controls. The first and most important thing I feel they did was making two seperate buttons for the jump and the homing attack. While A and B both jump, only A does a homing attack. This is sooo much more convenient you wouldn't believe it, not only that, but you can't use the homing attack whenever you want, which leads to less accidental deaths. Next up is the mid-air double jump, a cool staple that I think is really useful for platforming. The third and most interesting thing by far is the parkour. Being able to run up and on the side of walls and climb up ledges is so cool, fun, and convenient. This new parkour ability goes perfectly with a lot of the platforming, especially the 2D segments, which I have to say I really enjoyed and thought they were very well designed and made perfect use of Sonic's abilities. The 3D segements were okay... for the most part. A lot of the 3D level designs I honestly didn't like too much, especially the cloud levels, man do I hate the cloud levels. The size of the cloud platforms are ridiculous and the movement is slow and clunky and breaks up the flow of the game. While on the topic of bad levels, pretty much the entirety of the snow and (to a lesser extent) water levels I didn't like. The water levels I felt were too boring/frustrating and the ice levels had really poor skating controls that made Sonic feel super floaty and impercise. Also, some of the ice world stages just made you go around in circles. Furthermore, why were there wisps in this game? There was no reason for them to be here, and most of them were just annoying to use, aside from one or two. Oh and I dunno if this counts more towards story or gameplay, but the boss battles are absolutely garbage. You can beat every one of them within seconds, even the final boss! Zomom was also the only one with a cool boss fight. Getting back to the more positive stuff, you can also charge the homing attack and target multiple enemies at once. This is something else that i find to be very well executed. I also like how there was no light speed dash or boost, making things a lot easier to control and easier to enjoy the environments. I've seen some people complain about how slow Sonic is, but if they kept the same controls for the next Sonic game, I'd be perfectly fine with the speed.

Oh, and one more useful thing I forgot to mention; the kick. Sonic now has a homing kick ability. It's nothing revolutionary, but cool nonetheless.

Score: 8/10

2. Story:

Although not the worst story seen in a Sonic game ( *ahem* Sonic 06* ahem*) it's definitely nothing interesting. All they really had to do was explain things, such as what's the Lost Hex? Where'd it come from? Who are the Zeti? Why are they there? How did Eggman find them? Why do the Zeti just disappear at the end? Why are they all bland and forgettable except 2? Etc. I mean honestly, the only characters I liked in this game were Zeena, Zomom, and Eggman. Zeena is the girl and Zomom is the fat yellow one, by the way. They were the only ones who really stood out to me in terms of personality and likeablility. There's also a couple pointless cameos from Amy and Knuckles. I say pointless because they really had nothing to do with the story. Despite that, the game does have some funny parts, particularly with the two Zeti that I mentioned before. The ending was also very short and disappointing overall, although somewhat funny, only because of Eggman though.

Score: 5.5/10

3. Music:

Do I even need to explain this one? I've yet to play a Sonic game in which I didn't like the music. Probably my favourite track from this game is either Desert Ruins Zone Act 2 or the final boss theme. A lot of the fanfare seemed very Mario Galaxy inspired, as well.


4. Graphics:

While appealing, they're certainly nothing special. The in game graphics are obviously better than Sonic generations given that this is on a next-gen system, but it notably lacks many high resolution pre-rendered cutscenes save the opening video. The backgrounds and textures are still quite nice looking regardless. I always look forward to seeing the individual hairs on Eggmans mustache.

Score: 7/10

5. Other:

Eh, there's not much to say about this part. You can race against another person in levels you've beaten (locally, not on wi-fi), and there are some hidden stages after you beat the main story. There's also a neat yet annoying Miiverse functionality that allows you to send and receive items to and from other people. You can also apparently turn into Super Sonic by collecting all of the red rings from every level, but you'll most likely end up like me and feel no incentive to track down the things. There's also some cool DLC available and more on the way.

Score: 6/10

Overall it's not a terrible game, it's actually pretty fun for the most part, but it's not something you should rush out right now to buy. It's good, but not the best Sonic game I've ever played.

Final Score: 35/50

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Reply CosmicTornado
11:57 PM on January 1, 2014 
This is about the same way I felt about this game. It got all hyped up, then Sonic just face-planted into the ground. I will add that on the boss levels the zeti you're going to face talks to you (or more like talks about you). Some of their dialog is funny but for the most part, it's just plain stupid and annoying. One thing I will disagree with you on though is the story: it was really interesting to me in the beginning, the part where (SPOILERS) Tails gets roboticized then suddenly isn't anymore, well lets just say I was more than confused. Other than that your review is pretty spot on in my opinion. Also, did I just review a review? XD
Reply Bowser!!!!
2:40 AM on January 2, 2014 
Sonic Lost World has been fun so far of what i've played, I liked Generations and Colours more personally and I agree with pretty much everything you said in this review!
Reply Mr.Video
4:32 PM on January 2, 2014 
Really spot on review I have to say. Sonic Lost World definitely isn't bad, but it's definitely not Sonic's strongest outing either. I guess we should give credit to Sega for experimenting with the franchise though, rather than just rehashing series to death. (CoD and to a lesser extent NSMB come to mind...) And as I said before, Zor was fantastic. :-P

CT- How were you confused? *spoilers* How he wasn't robotized was more or less spelled out for you in an earlier cut-scene.
Reply Mareeo64
9:48 PM on January 3, 2014 
I don't have a Wii U, but after seeing the trailers and gameplay footage, i honestly think it's too much like Galaxy. It just didn't feel like a sonic game as much. Almost as if they started it as a galaxy game, then reworked it with Sonic. Ok, that's slightly exaggerated, but still. Sonic Adventure 2: Battle was probably the last sonic game i truly enjoyed 100%. Sure, unleashed and colors were okay, but i never really was the biggest fan of the newer playstyle they had. And lost World? Not my cup of tea. I don't like the 6 enemies/bosses/whatevers either. I mean i like how it wasn't all eggman this time, too.....Mario-ish. I dunno, i just think Nintendo got ever so slightly TOO into the development. They, and SEGA, did a good job, don't get me wrong, I just personally don't like the direction they went as much as i loved SA2:B.

What can I say, I'm a Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles/Sonic Adventure series guy :P
Reply OmegaSword
9:54 PM on January 3, 2014 
Yeeah, as enjoyable as some aspects of this game were, it doesn't even compare to galaxy. At all :P I can understand where you're coming from, though. Unleashed (any version except the Wii version) was okay to say the least, and Colors is friggin awesome, but this game really doesn't live up to the success of Generations or Colors, or the hype for the most part. But I downloaded the Yoshi's Island DLC and I gotta say, it's really good.
Reply Mareeo64
10:14 PM on January 3, 2014 
Oh yeah, forgot about Generations. never got that either. I'd say Gen. was better than lost world for the same reasons, but i guess i'm not the best judge, having not played either one X)

And yeah, the Yoshi thing looked pretty interesting. Reminds me of a dream of mine to see a Mario & Sonic platform crossover instead of just Olympic games
Reply Meatball
5:32 PM on January 11, 2014 
I just... Don't know. This game seems to be a real hit or miss, you either like it or you don't. I don't like the way it feels. Can't put my finger on it, but... Yeah, Lost World is not a Sonic game for me.
Reply OmegaSword
7:45 PM on January 11, 2014 
Do you have a WiiU or are you just talking about the 3DS version?
Reply Zeus
6:54 PM on January 15, 2014 
I wanted to like this game. I REALLY did. But I couldnt. @_@ I like the boost gameplay more than what Lost World offered. The music is amazing like every Sonic game so Im not surprised that the music was amazing.
Reply OmegaSword
1:11 PM on January 18, 2014 
@Zeus What version do you have?
Reply Zeus
5:41 PM on January 18, 2014 
OmegaSword says...
@Zeus What version do you have?

WiiU version.
Reply OmegaSword
5:49 PM on January 18, 2014 
Wanna add each other on WiiU? My ID is my username if you're interested.
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