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~A Just Endeavor~

Hello there! Welcome to the A Just Endeavor page! Here you can find some general
information about this brand new Role-Playing Game that’s currently being developed by Shadow624
and Mr. Video.

The story of A Just Endeavor revolves around Lex, a young girl who sets off with her older brother Lance
on a search for her long-lost father. Along the way she’ll meet new people and explore new lands.

I hope you’ll all look forward to playing A Just Endeavor when it’s finally released! But for the time
being, please take a look at the page, and please, tell us what you think in the comments! Thank you!



     The heroine of our tale, a tomboy at heart, she’s an adventurous girl with enough curiosity to kill a hundred cats. After finding an old journal belonging to her missing father, she decides to follow the cryptic notes inside in hopes of finding some clues about her father's wherabouts. However little did she know that her search for her father would turn into something much bigger than she could ever imagine.

     The one with the worst case of bedhead.



     An aspiring doctor and the wisecracking older brother of Lex. Despite his constant teasing of Lex, he shares a very strong bond with his sister, so strong that he joins her on her adventure to find their long-lost father. Being the older sibling, he’s more often than not the voice of reason despite his facetious personality. He constantly thinks of his mother back home, feeling guilt-ridden for leaving her alone back home at Bermula.

The most squeamish.


    A young girl who hails from the mining town of Miniera. Her prowess with Runes has earned her the fear of the locals and the title of “The Scarlet Witch.” Despite her fearsome reputation, she’s actually a kind-hearted person with an optimistic outlook on life. After a fated meeting with Lex and Lance, she decides to join the siblings on their journey to the Demon’s Cradle, claiming it was the “Perfect vacation spot.”

The one most fond of spiders.


   A gritty street-punk from the seaside city of Koholo. He’s a part of the notorious Sea-Lion gang, a group that constantly causes trouble for the authorities in the area. Despite his poor choice of acquaintances, Felix has a heart of gold and won’t hesitate to help those in need, even if it’ll land him in hot water later. After an incident in Koholo city, Felix leaves his home behind and joins our heroes on their adventure, lending his incredible strength to the three.

The one fondest of writing poetry.


  A mysterious boy who’s a member of the shady organization, the Knights of Calamity. Despite his young age, he’s a high ranking officer that was personally picked by the group’s founder. He’s a constant nuisance to Lex and company, taking every opportunity to impede them in their journey. His reasons for joining the Knights of Calamity are shrouded in mystery.

The one with the biggest sweet-tooth.


An energetic and peppy salesgirl from Bermula who works at her father's store. Eventually she decides to branch out the family business to new locales via a mobile stall. From energy drinks to off-brand clothing, Perre offers the latest and greatest. Despite how talkative she is, she rarely talks about herself, so no one really knows much about her outside of her trade. She also seems to be rather adventurous, as she often sets up shop in many locations Lex and company pass by during their journey… My, what a coincidence!

The favorite child.

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